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C.P.C. Theatrical is Looking for New Plays

Have you written a play? We’re always looking for something new. Playwrights are encouraged to send their full-length plays to us for consideration. Royalties for selected plays are negotiated on an individual basis, and will be either a flat per performance payment, or a percentage of the box office with a guaranteed minimum.

To submit, send a copy of your play to us at:

C.P.C. Theatrical
            PO Box 3716
            Dublin, OH 43016

Or email a digital copy in .pdf or .doc (or .docx) format to us at:

InfoATcpctheatrical.com (replace “AT” with “@”, of course). If you send a physical copy, please also send an email letting us know. The box is only checked once or twice a month unless we know something will be there.

General Instructions:

Use standard formatting. If you’re not sure what this is, consider using FinalDraft, which has these formats already set up for you. Or look on line, where you’ll find lots of examples and tutorials.

If you’re sending a physical copy, please print out the play on standard 8.5 x 11” paper, printed on one side only. The normal practice is to three-hole punch the paper and use brass paper fasteners to hold it together. We’ll take loose pages, though, as long as they’re numbered correctly.

If you mail us a printed copy, and you want it returned, be sure to include a self-addressed envelope with enough postage to get it back to you. Plays submitted without a return envelope will not be returned.

If your play is unpublished, let us know if you’d like us to consider it for publication and licensing.

Always remember the first rule: Never send your only copy.