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Jack Miller appeared in the title role in CPC Theatrical’s new production of William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, June 25-27, 2015, at the Abbey Theater of Dublin.
(Photo credit, J.T. McDaniel)

Hamlet Participates in Columbus Arts Festival

A twenty minute excerpt from our production of Hamlet was presented as part of the Columbus Arts Festival program on Friday, June 12, and again on Saturday, June 13. The 20 minute excerpt included the first portion of Act III, from Hamlet’s soliloquy to the end of Claudius’ prayer. The highlight reel is included here.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Hamlet was presented June 25-27, 2015, at the Abbey Theater of Dublin. Directed by Jai Furlong, our production of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet proved to be a highlight of the 2015 season. There is more information on the production website, HamletDublin2015.com.

Our Hamlet cast included:

Jack Miller — Hamlet
J.T. McDaniel — King/Ghost
Grace Rinehart — Queen
Kyle Smith — Horatio
Justin Eberhard — Polonius
Devon Porter — Laertes/1
st Player
Rachel Marschner — Ophelia
Ashton Brammer — Player Queen/Gravedigger
John Grote — Marcellus/Osric/Gentleman
Eduardo Lozano — Bernardo/Priest/Lord

Jai Furlong — Director
Ashley Collins — Stage Manager

Technical assistance was provided by the Abbey Theater staff.


Hamlet Clips on YouTube

We haven’t, and won’t, put up the entire show, but we did post three clips from the June 27, 2015 performance at the Abbey Theater.

The Dumb Show (Act III, Scene 2)

The King’s Confession (Act III, Scene 3)

Act V Conclusion:

Wherein just about everybody dies.