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Coming Out

Our first production, J.T. McDaniel’s dark comedy Coming Out, was directed by Colleen Dunne, and played weekends at the Abbey Theater of Dublin from October 4 through 19, 2013.

The story centers on the 40th anniversary of Bob and Susan Anderson, both professors at a small, central Ohio college, and their family. Bob is an atheist philosophy professor, while his eldest son, Jim, is a televangelist and mega-church pastor. Meanwhile, George, the younger son, picks that day to come out as gay and announce he’s moving to New York to marry his roommate, Eric. Further complicating matters, Bob’s secretary, Carol, shows up and reveals she’s pregnant with Bob’s child, while Jim’s wife, Karen, finally lets it be known just how abusive her “saintly” husband really is.

It’s a fairly noisy play, with Bob arguing with Jim, Jim telling his brother he’s going to hell, their sister, Ellen, mostly taking George’s side, her husband trying to disappear, and Susan generally annoyed by just about everyone.

More on the original production, along with information on licensing and future productions, may be found on the show’s website, ComingOutThePlay.com.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Our most recent production was a tight, fast-paced two and a half hour version of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, presented at The Abbey Theater, Dublin, Ohio from June 25-27, 2015. This abridged version of Shakespeare’s classic cut out a lot of repetition and tedious palaver, but kept all the essential plot twists and action, including the intense swordplay in the final scene. Some peripheral characters, such as Voltimand, Cornelius, and Reynaldo were missing, along with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (quite possibly the most annoying characters Shakespeare ever inflicted on an audience).

For other theater groups interested in using our abridgement, the script has been published. Because this is Shakespeare we won’t be asking anyone for royalties if you use our scripts, but we do hope you’ll buy enough copies for your production. We’re not rich, and if we want to keep presenting good theater in Dublin we need to get the money from somewhere.

We want to thank our cast, Jack Miller, J.T. McDaniel, Grace Rinehart, Justin Eberhard, Rachel Marschner, Devon Porter, Kyle Smith, Ashton Brammer, Eduardo Lozano, and John Grote, along with director Jai Furlong and stage manager Ashley Collins for a great show.

What We’re About

About Us

C.P.C. Theatrical is a registered trade name of Creatures Plays Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Riverdale Literary Holdings, Inc. Founded in 1998 in Riverdale, Georgia as Riverdale Electronic Books, Inc., Riverdale Literary Holdings is now headquartered in Dublin, Ohio. Riverdale Books publishes trade paperback and ebooks, including fiction, history, philosophy, and biography. C.P.C Theatrical produces live theater in the Dublin, Ohio area, and acts as a licensing agent for affiliated playwrights. We also sell theatrical books, scripts, and other related material on our Bookstore page.

The Sixth Victim & Other Plays

The most recently published collection of J.T. McDaniel’s short plays, this anthology is also being released as a dramatized audiobook through Audible.com, iTunes, and Amazon.com, as well as printed and Kindle editions, both available from Amazon. The audiobook features (in order of appearance): Ashton Brammer, Mic O’Halloran, Harold Yarborough, J.T. McDaniel, Colton Weiss, Judy Parker, Jack Schultz, and Ann O’Halloran.

We are the licensing agency for the five plays in this collection, which run from about 9 minutes (It’s the Computer’s Fault), to just about an hour (To Kill a King). The Sixth Victim, Burying Dad, and It’s the Computer’s Fault have two-person casts (the latter could be done with only one), Sunday Afternoon has a cast of three, and To Kill a King requires from eight to 20 cast members, depending on how many are doubled.

Licensing information on our Bookstore page.

A Bit of Shakespeare

Ever wonder how a community theatre decides what shows they’re going to do in any given season? This feature length video may just give you a good idea of how to do it. Or, maybe, how not to do it.

The two members of the Typical Community Theatre play selection committee ponder which of Shakespeare’s many plays would fit best in the forthcoming season, and then present excerpts from their possible choices for consideration. Naturally, they try to keep in mind those most basic of all community theatre play selection committee questions:

1. Is it a good play?

2. Will our patrons like it?

3. Is there a good part in it for me?

A Bit of Shakespeare is currently in pre-production. Be sure to keep checking here for updates. Or check the new website.

Includes scenes from: The Taming of the Shrew, Richard II, King John, Richard III, Macbeth, Henry V, Hamlet, King Lear, Julius Caesar, Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, and Much Ado About Nothing.

Playwright Services

C.P.C. Theatrical has just started a play publishing and licensing service. If we accept your full-length play or one-act collection, we will publish it in trade paperback (usually 5.25” X 8”) and Amazon Kindle editions. Print and Kindle editions are sold exclusively through Amazon, which allows us to offer a higher royalty (60% of net) to our playwrights. We also handle performance licensing for accepted plays.

We’re also interested in general theatrical books, so if you’ve written something along those lines, please consider us as a possible publisher.

To submit, send digital manuscripts (.doc, .docx, or .pdf) to: infoATcpctheatrical.com (replace “AT” with “@”). Be sure to include your full contact information. If you send a play or plays, please indicate whether it had ever been produced.